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No Where to Run Review by Quirah Casey and Imani L. Hawkins

Title: Nowhere to Run (book 1, Midnight Renegades)

Author: Quirah Casey and Imani L. Hawkins

Release Date: January 15th 

Genre: Reverse Harem. Paranormal Romance. Cover Designer: Rebecca Frank


Revenge. They say it’s a dirty word but it gives me life because I won’t rest until my mom’s killers are dead.

The dark and twisted magic in my soul calls out for violence and on my quest for vengeance, I’m more than happy to feed it. Because I’ve got a list and I’m not checking it twice.

I’m a one woman wrecking crew until I run into them—the tempting feral werewolf and dangerously sexy vampire— who are more than happy to join me on my venture. With their help, I’ll scratch every name off my list. But as the darkness begins to overtake me with every kill, my men start to worry that I’ll lose myself in it.

I need my revenge, but am I willing to continue losing pieces of my soul with every kill and risk the love that could make me whole?

One click now for this dark, twisty reverse harem for mature readers. Expect magic, shifters, vampires, and steam in this why choose paranormal romance. This series will feature MFM and FF elements.

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Readers of dark romance will enjoy this book from this duo. The first in a new stores, it introduced readers to Charley. She isn’t your run of the mill supernatural and she has no where to run. She isn’t afraid though and her story is complicated. She isn’t one of the good guys, she out for revenge and her story is in the grey area given her methods and way of life..

There so much going on with the story but it revolves around Charley. She plays calculated games that makes her powerful and someone not to mess around with. She brings in Blue and Knox and instantly those two come in to the story only just electrify her power.
Charley isn’t one to listen and even when the men offer something special you can see that she is torn. She is consumed by her needs and power. It’s fine balance and she isn’t one to walk away. Blue and Knox aren’t innocent but how much is too much.
This book offers an intriguing take on dark romance and I honestly can’t wait to see what Charley gets up to next

Connect with the Authors

Quirah Casey is a young author with more dreams than she’s capable of handling, but that doesn’t keep her from trying to make them come true. She writes any and every genre of romance with characters of all races and sexualities. She rarely sleeps and she lives off of Starbucks. For some reason, people keep leaving their kids on her doorstep, and she keeps taking them in. Otherwise, there are no kids or fur babies in the picture for her. You can typically identify her from her huge, colorful afro, lip ring, shorts, leather jacket, and shit kickers that get her crazy looks in north Louisiana.

Imani L Hawkins is a writer of all things supernatural, paranormal, and urban fantasy. Growing up in New Mexico, the land of enchantment, she’s always surrounded by beautiful scenery that inspires most of her tales. Caring for her two children with the support of her loving husband, she’s found the courage to write stories filled with intricate plot lines and characters she’s sure anyone would be able to relate to. A love of all things creative, she spends her free time playing the alto saxophone, making designer soaps, painting, playing around with digital design, and writing stories she hopes will inspire others.  

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