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Review No Good Deed by Emma Cole &K.B. Everly

Title: No Good Deed

Author: Emma Cole & K.B. Everly

Release Date: February 4th.

Genre:  Dark Contemporary. Mafia Reverse. Harem Romance

 Cover Designer: Everly Yours Designs

Rating: 5 out of 5.


My name was Eden Moretti.

After being betrayed by those I’d trusted, my life spiraled out of control. I lost my innocence and dreams in one fell swoop.

Now, I’m a junkie dancer who will do just about anything to earn a buck or get my next fix. When you’re living off the books to stay hidden on the fringes between Carlotti and Finelli territory, anything means…anything.

The mafia lords and their heirs own this city. They fiercely protect their turf along with anything else they lay claim to. Murder, mayhem, and money are the driving forces behind the ruthless Family, and death comes swiftly to those who get in their way.

Tony, Vanni, Marco, and Santos are the heirs to the Carlotti Empire, one of the most prolific crime syndicates on the east coast. And one of them was the catalyst for the wreckage my life had become.

Due to a budding war with another mafia family, our paths have crossed again. Except this time, I didn’t have a chance to run. The Carlotti’s took me, but to what end?

To save me? Keep me? Kill me?

The Carlotti Family don’t know what they just took on, but I’ll enjoy showing them exactly what I’m capable of. That is, if I don’t wind up dead first.

***No Good Deed is a dark contemporary reverse harem romance. Content warning: vulgar speech, explicit scenes, drug use, violence, gore, and possibly a myriad of other potential aspects that may not be suitable for all readers.***

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If you are looking for a delicious dark read. Don’t miss this book. This book stands out as the heroine is broken and she is at her weakest
She is at mercy and this her story.
It’s rough but Eden isn’t someone who became that way by choice. From the beginning, Eden is aware of her situation but isn’t willing to make a change. It made question why get involved with guys who made her teen years bearable and she betrayed then.
Trust is important in this world and this story is the beginning or it’s the end of Eden. These two authors will captivate you with her story from start to finish.

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