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Review: The Death Club

The Death Club, Dark Contemporary Menage Romance and  book 1 of the Dead Men Walking series, 

by Caroline Peckham & Susanne Valenti is LIVE!

Title: The Death Club (Dead Men Walking, Book 1)

Author: Caroline Peckham & Susanne Valenti

Release Date: March 15th

Genre: Dark Contemporary Menage Romance

 Cover Designer: Caroline Peckham

Rating: 5 out of 5.


Chaos. Carnage. Killing.

The three Cs that make my life complete. 

I know killing technically doesn’t start with a C – but wouldn’t life be better if it did? Just like it would be better if the Devil was my boyfriend, Santa wasn’t a d*ck and I didn’t live under a bridge. 

I wished for my life to improve, but it didn’t. I was kidnapped, sold, sold again, stuck in a death game, sold AGAIN and now I’m living in a serial killer’s basement.  

Oh and there’s another dude down here who lives in a cage and doesn’t talk. I call him Dead Man on account of his soulless eyes. He either wants to kiss me or choke me out. I can’t decide which I want most. 

Anyways, my hot, tattooed, muscular insane Irish captor thinks I might make a good hit woman once he trains me up. Which is a freaking insult by the way as I’m already the best killer in town. Ask anyone. Except the cops. Don’t ask them or they’ll send me back to that creepy asylum where they gave me the crazy pills. But shh, that’s a secret.

Want to know another one? I quite like it here. Every day is anarchy and that’s my favourite flavour.

So I think I’m gonna join The Death Club and let my freak flag fly.

This is a brand new dark menage series set in the same world as the Brutal Boys of Everlake Prep series with character crossover. Each series can be read independent of each other and the lead female character will end up with more than one love interest.

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Not for the faint hearted. The Death Club rips into the seedy underworld and delivers us Brooklyn. A woman isn’t afraid and has no morals.

The trio aren’t some one to mess with and I can’t wait for more

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