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Audio Review : Within the Crystal by Kat Blak

Within the Crystal by Kat Blak 

Narrated by Christine Bermudez 

Series : The Crystal Collection

Length: 5 hrs and 27 mins

Unabridged Audiobook

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Release date: 11-20-20

Little did Alexandrite know that when the little brass shop bell rang, and four insanely seductive men walked into her mother’s shop to have their fortunes read, that her and the strangers’ fates would become entangled.

The crystal can show the future, but not the path that must be taken to achieve it. With many twists and turns, can Alexandrite make them believe in fate?

The narrator that Blak chose for this book was perfect. Bermudez really brought to life this book to life and get a 360 perspective of this world that has Blak created. Within the Crystal is the first in a new series that is gypsy inspired and takes the best of that world and combines it with other elements. Alexandrite has been minding her own business and doing life as best she can. Until four guys walk into the shop from the local university and turn her life upside down. No more taking it easy and hiding in the shadows as a seer. She is about to get awakened in more then one way.
Jasper, Tek, Cal and Nunu the four guys are about to turned her life upside down completely and reveal hidden truths about this world.

Discovieries that may changed the course of the history and Alex isn’t sure what to do. Alex is one of my favourite discoveries this year. She is young and still finding her way but she has a gift that delves into a world that is still reality untapped in the world of RH. Alex may be a sloth spiritually but she isn’t afraid to take charge when it counts and this book shows how crystal can be utilized. The drama and the romance with the guys was interesting . and it will be interesting to see how this plays out in the second book given that Alex made some head ways with her chosen path. Blak really explored the world of seers and more authentically with a creative license and I can’t wait to learn more

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