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Vampire Love Suck by Lea Jade

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Title: Vampire Love Sucks

Author: Lea Jade

Release Date: May 30th

Genre:  Dark Paranormal Reverse Harem Romance


If falling in love with a vampire sucks, how about five?

I’m not interested in helping the police tame vicious, serial-killing master vampires. But try telling that to detective Jason Avery, my annoying ex, who thinks he can walk back into my life with a sob story and puppy dog eyes to match. According to him, I have no choice. I’m the only Vanth Tattooist left with the power to bind the symbol of humanity to a 300-year-old vampire.

The rest of those like me? Burned out. Incarcerated. Dead.

No one predicted the asshole vampires escaping. And somehow, the leader has altered the mark I gave them into an unbreakable bond. The undead bastards are stealing my humanity bit by bit, and turning the one person I ever loved into a monster and me into a hot mess whenever they’re near.

Dark desires are creeping in. People around me are missing or dying. And all I have is a meagre tattoo gun and the power of my blood to protect me.

I need to find these vampires and destroy their hold over me. Before my ex becomes the very thing he’s always despised.

And before I do something so terrible, there’s no coming back.

They say vampire love sucks.

They’re not bloody wrong.

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Not what I expected. You could say this is anti vampire book given the heroine Verity dislike of them. Yet in this world she has to deal with them on a daily basis until she finds herself in a situation that she has no way of getting out of.
Verity isn’t a pushover and she isn’t afraid to use her talent but I don’t think even she knew what she was in store for. Verity is a piece to a puzzle that only Vampire hold the answers to. There sense that Sander knows what he wants but isn’t ready to act on . He instead uses his family to help
Jade brought something different to the table. It was unexpected and I couldn’t wait for more of Verity’s story. She isn’t an afraid of a challenge and I’m curious about this secret side of her that was revealed. Jade packed a lot in this story and whilst the story revolves a particular storyline. There is plenty of secondary plot points that will make readers come back for.

Connect with the Author

Author Bio:

Lea Jade lives in London with her bean-shaped dog and the rest of her non-furry family. Where she writes fun & flirty paranormal romance with plenty of magic, action and mystery suspense. All her stories end happily. Featuring smoldering alphas or cheeky, shifter bad boys needing to be tamed, who fall hard for the sassy, kick-ass heroine who doesn’t need to be saved.

When she’s not pandering to the whim of her grumpy, jack-chi pup, or beating up bad guys, you can find her word-wrangling her next crazy adventure, and listening to Ed Sheran while sipping spiced chai-latte at her local Starbucks.

Follow Lea Jade: http://linktr.ee/leajade

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