Tiger Claimed by Harper. A Brooks

One untimely trip to the marketplace makes Cara, a panther shifter, the prime suspect in the king’s murder. The tiger prince is set on seeing her rot in a prison cell, but she’ll do anything to keep her family from starving. Even agree to be imprisoned by the handsome tiger, who’s also her enemy.

Prince Kael is determined to claim vengeance for his father’s murder. He thought he could put his vendetta aside for the ceremonial Hunt, but one whiff of the panther suspect, and his inner tiger becomes unleashed. But in a cruel twist of fate, the magnetic bond he feels with Cara is one he can’t deny. And suddenly, he aches to claim her as his own.

The hatred between tigers and panthers is all their people know. If Kael and Cara follow their hearts, it could mean treason and death. Will they be blinded by the prejudice and sorrow of their pasts or will love finally reign free?

After reading the second book in this series , I knew I had to return to this series and read the first book. The first book deals with tiger and panther shifters. Sworn enemies and part of a great hierarchy. This book didn’t have the same feels at the second book. This has more of a mystery feel with the killer on the loose angle and the heroine being accused of murder.

Enemies to lover is a tried and tested trope and this book deliver on that. With a rich backstory of the history of these shifter races , you want a rich world as well. That was left unexplained to extent and I wish we had more of that. The romance was what was expected as they clashed and dealt with history and how Karl was forced to address something he should of dealt with a long time ago. Cara made him better and was the redemption factor to everything. Cara was the real winner in this book and showed how shifters can co exist in harmony.

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