Trust (Master Class #7) by Raven Jayne

TRUST (Master Class #7) by Raven Jayne

Release Date: October 13th

10 quick, sensual erotic lessons! Each novella will be a new lesson in the Master Class!

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Obey #1

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Series Blurb:

My entire life, I was trained to be a perfect bride.

I thought I was ready for my wedding.

I longed to meet the man who would be my husband.

Instead I met him.

The Master.

He says I’m not good enough.

He says I haven’t learned everything I need.

Ten lessons are all that stand between me and my future.

But the erotic journey he takes me on will teach me more than I ever dreamed.




I learned something during my time away.

What I want. Not my husband, not my Master, not my father.

And I want something forbidden.

An affair with the man who trains me would never be allowed.

Especially not by the men who hired him.

But I know how to be persuasive…

Book seven of ten in the sexy, erotic Master Class series.


The seventh lesson is probably the hardest to date for Juliette. Given her responsibilities for the future. Juliette has been forced to address her lack of knowledge in a very intimate way. Trust is about believing in those people who have put her in the position as she edges closer to the conclusion of her training.


About the Author:

  Two NYT bestselling authors got together and thought up a dirty little story. 

You’re welcome.

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