At First Sight by Sharon Michalove

She wants a partner she can trust but he can’t stop hiding his past

Oxford, England 1993. An awkward American grad student runs into a gorgeous English undergrad with her bicycle. She’s embarrassed. He’s intrigued. They go their separate ways, but neither forgets.

Chicago, Illinois 2013. When Cress Taylor starts receiving anonymous threats, the successful novelist feels her world crashing down. Max Grant turns up at a book signing and wants to renew their fleeting acquaintance. Is the timing coincidental or suspicious? Should she fall into his arms or run like hell? Then the plagiarism accusations start. 
A former spy now working for a global security company, Max Grant has always steered clear of relationships—until now. When he sees Cress in a TV interview, his curiosity ignites. Will the spark he felt twenty years ago burst into flame? Cress is a magnet he can’t resist. As threats escalate to physical danger, Max feels driven to protect Cress. They must learn to work together if they want to stop her nemesis and find their happy ending.

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This story had my attention from the blurb. A embarrassing moment shaping their memories. A fleeting acquaintance shaping a connection that explodes 20 years later. Michalove’s story is one for the long run. Mark and Cress have only a moment but they have a baptism of fire building their relationship. The story never shys away from the headlines gripping Cress. It’s reality meets fiction and a intriguing tale.

Meet Sharon Michalove

I grew up in suburban Chicago. After spending most of my life in a medium-sized university town I moved back to Chicago in 2017 so I could go to more Blackhawks games and spend quality time at Eataly. Besides watching hockey, travel is my passion. I love history, reading, cooking, writing, and various less elevated activities like eating pastry and sampling gins and single malts.

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