Review: The Lady Gets Lucky by Joanna Shupe

Series: The Fifth Avenue Rebels

Release Date: October 26th 2021

Publisher : Avon

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Following The Heiress Hunt, beloved author Joanna Shupe continues her new Fifth Avenue Rebels series with a scandalous romance about a good girl desperate to rebel and the rebel desperate to corrupt her.

A first-rate scoundrel.

A desperate wallflower.

Lessons in seduction.

The woman no one notices . . .

Shy heiress Alice Lusk is tired of being overlooked by every bachelor. Something has to change, else she’ll be forced to marry a man whose only desire is her fortune. She needs to become a siren, a woman who causes a man’s blood to run hot . . .and she’s just met the perfect rogue to help teach her.

He’s the life of every party . . .

Christopher “Kit” Ward plans to open a not-so-reputable supper club in New York City, and he’s willing to do whatever it takes to hire the best chef in the city to guarantee its success. Even if it requires giving carnal lessons to a serious-minded spinster who has an in with the chef.

Their bedroom instruction grows passionate, and Alice is a much better pupil than Kit had ever anticipated. When the Society gentlemen start to take notice, Kit has to try to win Alice in other ways . . . but is he too late to win her heart? 

A woman who wants to take control of her destiny. Alice is my sort of woman and honestly that title gives plenty of suggestions what will happen between the pages. It’s marketing genius and hook you in with this story. Alice is a woman who doesn’t want to be on the shelf. She wants to control her future and Kit is the perfect guy for the situation. He doesn’t want to settle down and he knows the secrets she wishes to possess. Kit doesn’t make qualms about himself and honestly he wasn’t the rake he was put out to be.

Both wanted things out of life and it showed quickly. Shupe didn’t waste time with these two even if was just lessons. The reasons soon changed and these two quickly find themselves into a different type of arrangement. This was the perfect return to historical romances for me and I can’t wait to read more from Shupe.

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