A Wolf to Catch by Julia Jones

A Wolf to Catch

by Julia Jones

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What happens when Supernatural meets Criminal Minds? 

Now that the paranormal have come out of the closet, there’s a new side to law enforcement. One designed to take care of the things that go Bump in the night.

Danika and her friends know all about fangs, furry and dangerous. They know that sometimes you need backup to make sure no one else gets killed. So when a friend calls Danika in on a case, she’s quick to help, but the second she enters her friend’s living room she meets Logan, a sexy werewolf who makes her second-guess her policy about dating colleges.

There’s no time for romance when a young girl is kidnapped by the murderer. They must find him before he kills, and make sure everyone gets out alive.


This was an intriguing take on the romantic suspense genre with a paranormal twist. Jones offers a paranormal investigation from start to finish with romantic elements. Danika is one of those who trained for this job but when she gets called to help a friend to solve an murder mystery. It takes a sinister turn and becomes a race against time. The forensic elements read like what we would see in an criminal investigation. Danika and the others play well together and gel well as they try to solve the case. It was fitting despite the extra paranormal elements in the story as we try to solve everything happen.

The romance was interesting, Danika has been burned and isn’t’ shy about her entanglements. Logan is a welcome distraction as things get worse. They know they have a criminal to catch but the romance was a distraction that was welcomed as things got sinister. Worth the read if you love Criminal minds and want something different.

About the Author:

Julia Jones is a 24-year-old erotica and romance writer from Canada. After being homeschooled all her life, she got her GED and has been pursuing her passion- writing. Julia is a muti-time bestselling author and when not writing, loves traveling, spending time with family, and reading local authors. 


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