Break by Raven Jayne

BREAK (Master Class #8) by Raven Jayne

Release Date: November 10th 

I know what I want now.

I know what I need, and I don’t know if I can live without it.

Or, rather, who I need like oxygen.

He needs me too.

I can prove it, I swear, if he’ll just give me the chance.

If I can hide what I’m doing from the man who’d forbid it.

I just pray I’m not wrong…

Book eight of ten in the sexy, erotic Master Class series.

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Like the title suggests, Juliette is at breaking point. She think she had a made decision on who she wants. But things aren’t still cut clear as they should be. Her Master is at the forefront of her mind and her husband to be Charles wants something from his gift., Juliette is in a whirlwind in this instalment and she needs to figured out what she wants. But what cost is she going to pay ?

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