Tash is

seeker of the next  great read.

And I may be only in  my  twenties but I  have been blogging for over six years and accomplished  a lot that I’m proud of during that time.  The blog reflects my ever growing growth as a reader, reviewer and blogger.  But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Since I was young, I can always remember having my nose stuck in a book. I grew up with  being first read to by my parents then  devouring childhood classics like Famous Five and Peter Rabbit.  Those early days built  the foundation for the passion and obsession  I have with  books today.

I was inspired to start book  blogging to share my passion for books  as I  didn’t have any real life friends who were bookholics like me. Whilst I’m truly a romantic at heart, my  reading tastes have changed and grown as a result of blogging.

Now I’m eclectic blogger who has a passion particular  interest in YA, Fantasy and Romance. Strong female characters are my favourite and cliche/troope books are my weakness. However I’m a firm supporter of local talent and love to feature a good #loveozya and #loveonzya.

I have been privilege to work on the first two  Sydney Author Event  as an organiser and work with other events in Australia as a volunteer and as a blogger. I’m also part of the the Aussie and NZ YA  Blogger and Reader team.

Aside from reading , I’m a passionate food lover and beauty enthusiast.  Ever since I learnt how to bake a cake  and learned how cook spaghetti bolognese . I have never looked back. I enjoy a good meal and trying new things to cook or eat.

Beauty is something that has been apart of my life when I hit my tween /teenager years .  I remember being obsessed with lip smackers and thinking all I needed was a good lipgloss. Whilst I made some shocking choices. I like to say that I make mostly good decisions now.

These days you can find me trying to figure out how I can spend every hour of my day,  indulging in one of my passions

About the Blog

Read with Tash has  always existed in  some shape or form since 2011. Whilst the  website  was  established  in   August 2012 , with the  aim of sharing my love about the books I loved with a group of friends .  Since early 2016, the blog has been solely run by me.

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